Lot of Iberian nº 1 Hnos. Hoyos

General description

Lot of Iberian nº 1 Hnos. Hoyos. This product will take 3 days to leave our warehouses.

The lot contains the following Iberian products:

1 Acorn-fed Iberian Shoulder 75% Iberian Breed D.O.P. Guijuelo (weight 5-5,500 kg approx.)
Half Iberian Bellota Loin 100% (weight 0.700 kg approx.)
Half Iberian Bellota Chorizo (weight 0.600 kg approx.)
Half Iberian Bellota Salchichón (weight 0.600 kg approx.)
1 cured sheep´s cheese from Hinojosa (weight 1,400 kg approx.)
2 Cans of pâté (Iberian essences) (weight 70 gr/each)

Hermanos Hoyos was born and has its factory located in La Alberca. A long-standing family business, rooted in the traditional ways and knowledge of La Alberca and the lands south of Salamanca.

Technical description

P. N. approximately 9 kilos

Manufactured by: Embutidos Hermanos Hoyos. El Sobrao Albercano C / Rúa Mayor, 16
37002, Salamanca (Spain)


Iberian pork lean, salt, paprika, spices, preservatives E-250, E-252, antioxidant E-33


Energy value: 462 Kcal / 1931Kj,

Fats: 36.4g;

Saturated Fat: 14.7g

Carbohydrates: 1 g,

Sugars: 0.5g,

Dietary Fiber:

Proteins: 32.2g,

Salt: 1.8g.

269,00€ (29.89€/Kg.)
Minimum quantity: 1

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