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Welcome to Your Spanish Shop!

For all those people that have a link to the Spanish gastronomy, this is your Online Shop, in which you will find the Spanish products that you like.

Now, from any corner of Europe, you will be able to enjoy our products, shipped directly from our warehouse to your home in a few days.


For those who, by circumstances, encounter themselves outside of our country…..

Our intention is to make you feel a little happier and have a little bit of Spain, our scents and flavors of always, that produces so much nostalgia when, by circumstances, we must reside outside of our country. And you are no longer passing fads to not consume your favorite products, buying them in stores is so much more expensive, when you can have them, or waiting for the holidays to taste them. In Your Spanish Shop you will find all the products that will make you enjoy Spain and that you like so much in your daily life.


For families, friends and especially those mothers who have their loved ones outside of Spain….

You can continue taking care of your relatives from here without having to bother you in wrapping up those difficult and ostentatious package that are sentby messaging and that you never know how and when they are going to arrive to their destination, alone to take a walk by the different departments in our shop, to decide what you want to send them and from Your Spanish Shop it will arrive quickly.Without doubt, this is the best gift that you can make and they sure will thank you.

 For the lovers of Spain and its gastronomy…

The good reputation of the products of "Spanish Brand" by its quality, flavor and elaboration that is their uniqueness, constitutes one of the keys by which that gastronomy is the second largest Tourist attraction of Spain... The first one being the climate. For all of you that visit our country and want to continue consuming Spanish products when you return to your place of origin, here you will find a selection of products that some already know and appreciate, as olive oil, Iberian ham… and many  others that you would like to try and that sure are going to be appreciated.

 We have designed a very easy, intuitive, dynamic webpage to handle, with different categories and with a shop window of more than 1300 products, that will go on expanding, all of which are of an excellent quality and with a quite long date of expiration, with all kinds of explanations so that you don’t have any doubt about the products that you are going to acquire.

From dishes already drawn up ready to heat, to the necessary ingredients for making a succulent casserole…. Our objective is to care for the detail, the quality of the products and the service and to help you, in the measurement of the possible thing, so that your stay will be a great deal more tolerable.

If you miss what you are seeking, contact us by sending us an e-mail to info@yourspanishshop.es and we will be delighted to attend you in your petitions.

We desire that you enjoy visiting our page and that you entrust Your Spanish Shop to transport to your tables all those Spanish products that you so much appreciate.