13 de July del 2023
Thank you very much for your evaluation...! All the best

16 de June del 2023
Extraordinary products, delicious and tasty. Aioli superb!!

31 de May del 2023
We already did enjoy few times your product and I am very happy about it as usual ! Thank you very much

27 de May del 2023
Not only were the products well over expectations, not only was the shipping and wait quite short, but the packaging was also well done and having worked myself in a warehouse, I can recognize when parcels are made to last and too protect your goods. Yours showed all the care you put in it.

26 de May del 2023
I am TOTALLY satisfied with the products and will certainly order some more in the next week.

24 de April del 2023
I like your shop!

02 de April del 2023
Ottimi prodotti

06 de March del 2023
Greetings from Austria!:)) I just received my first test order from you and I must say that I have never seen such packaging! In a good way I say this! :)) Thank you!

10 de February del 2023
Everything was fine with our order and the process was easy.

09 de February del 2023
The marmalade received in perfect condition, the day before yesterday. Thanks very much

25 de November del 2022
Great service

07 de July del 2022
All very good.I will be back soon

08 de June del 2022

07 de June del 2022
I was completely satisfied. The quality of the product is excellent and the delivery was very fast. Thank you!

07 de June del 2022
Every thing was very satisfactory, and it arrived very swiftly, thank you and love to Spain!

02 de June del 2022
Hola! Thanks, the parcel was recived well and was exactly what was ordered! Thanks a lot and I will be touch when we would need a new delivery! With best regards,

27 de May del 2022
The order was to my satisfaction

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Absolutely delighted with my order so much so that I've re ordered again , great fast service everything in perfect condition so delighted with it ,thank you

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Everything was wonderful. Thank you!

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Am very happy with the last sending I received from you. Thanks very much for your service

26 de April del 2022
The 2 packages arrived yesterday morning in excellent condition. For the time being we enjoy again this extremely good Spanish marmalades and reminding us every day from our wonderful life in the South of Spain, from 1999 till 2014. Thanks very much again for your great service and your support.

15 de April del 2022
Second time ordering. Ordering big amount this time as my family was visiting from far. Again very happy with my order

15 de April del 2022
This was the first time ordering here and I was extremely satisfied with my order. Quick and easy to order, fast delivery and none of the items (mainly biscuits) broken. I definitely recommend

11 de April del 2022
Muchas gracias

01 de April del 2022
I was very satisfied with your products, I buy them because I know them my mother-in-law is originally from Madrid and I had the opportunity to come and taste the products in Spain, at home we make typical dishes of your area including Cocido, chorizo with potatoes , the angula ... all delicious..

21 de March del 2022
As usual everything was perfect from your side. You have my 5* rating on Google already for several months :-) Wish you all the best,

17 de March del 2022
Im happy, it was the second order and again you packaged everything so well that nothing broke while being transported. Thank you!

25 de November del 2021
Good quality of the products

03 de October del 2021
Thank you very much,I received it in perfect time and I am greatly enjoing it. Cordially