- Every definitive order (made and payed) with a cost higher to 50€ (with discounts applied and without shipping) made between 00:01 of 18/11/2021 and 23:59 of 12/12/2021 according to the official Spanish time schedule will participate.

- One participation in the giveaway will be given for each 50€ of purchase in products of our shop, for those orders that fulfil the previous conditions.

- The prize will consist in a Jamón Gran Reserva valued in 125€. In case of lack of stock of this product in the moment of shipping, there will be the option of substitute it for another one equivalent in quality and price. Shipping of the product will be made with the shipping paid to the same address of the order that turns out as winner.

- The giveaway will be made on December 13th counting with every order that fulfill the conditions. Each order number will appear as many times as participations it gets according to its value. The list with every participating order number will be organized randomly through the web or another one similar. The winner will be the first on the list after three random interactions.

- The winner will have to accept the prize in a maximum time of 48 hours, since the email notification arrives to them. In case of not accepting the price or not responding to our email during that time, the prize will be given to the second number on the list, and so on until finding a definitive winner. Initials and country of the winner will be published on our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and the blog of our online shop. 



Free shipping for all orders exceeding 250 € and maximum weight of 25 kg except special destinations. Except special countries. See in this link