What oil is going to a good salad with onions

What oil is going to a good salad with onions

Not all olives are equal, its juice either. And each has its own delicacy to accompany

The marriage is not just a matter of wines. Each olive oil has a perfect dish to accompany. Teresa Pérez Millán, manager of the Interprofessional Oil Spanish Olive, non-profit organization that brings together all the sector of olive oil (farmers, cooperatives, oil mills, canneries and exporters) organization, and Juan Pozuelo, chef and ambassador Olive oils from Spain, this guide outlines types of oil to dress according to what foods.


"It is the characteristic variety of Tarragona and Lleida, and is also grown in the Alto Aragon. Its oil has a fruity smell of olive, apple, banana and almond. It is sweet with a bitter and almost imperceptible itching "begins the manager. According Pozuelo, "replaces butter in pastry and balances metallic taste like artichoke or asparagus."


"This Levantine variety known for its spicy and important bitterness that mark their intense use in the kitchen," says Pérez Millán. For the chef, "it is ideal for salads of fresh vegetables with chopped onions or peppers raw. Bitter support touches raw vegetables and give an interesting pink shrimp tails with garlic "hue.


"It is the queen of Aragon and variety is grown in the Balearic Islands, Castellon, Tarragona and Navarra islands. Gives rise to sweet oils, bitterness and slight itching, high fruity green apple and almond ", explains the expert. "Perfect for baking because, in frying, can appreciate the nuances of orange, cinnamon or nutmeg mass churros" says Pozuelo.


Perez Millan explains that is typical of Toledo, Ciudad Real and Madrid. Its oils are very aromatic, with fruity olive and others such as apple, significantly more bitter and intense itching. Recommended for pickles and salads. According Pozuelo are perfect for marinades with red wine and frying donuts (provides a citrus and ginger touch).


"Typical of Cordoba, Malaga and Sevilla produces a very fruity and complex extra virgin oil. Input is sweet and slightly bitter, and ends with an itch located in the mouth so it is very versatile in the marriage, "says the expert. Pozuelo uses in soft creamed vegetables, salmorejos or "for a simple and humble tomato with crumbled cod".

Manzanilla cacereña

It is grown in Caceres, Badajoz, Salamanca, Avila and Madrid. Its oil is balanced spicy, bitter and sweet and reminiscent of freshly cut grass. Pérez Millán notes that "is way between herbaceous nuances of hojiblanca and sweetness of the Arbequina". The chef chooses for 'carpaccio' because it complements and adds creaminess.


This other Andalusian variety. "It gives a very aromatic oil, green fruity with hints of green apple and olive trees," says Teresa Pérez Millán. Its flavor is so emphatic "that maintains its presence in any development," continues the cook. "It enhances the flavor of seafood in spatter and nuances of fish, marinate pieces and fry flour before."


For Perez Millan it is the world's most important variety and is mainly grown in Jaen, Cordoba and Granada. With a spicy and bitter taste, it is very resistant to high temperatures. Pozuelo recommended for traditional dishes which provides structure and strength, or mild dishes that adds strength as fried eggs with paprika.

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