Types of bread for every meal

Types of bread for every meal

What we choose for each dish bread?

Harmony meals

Menus with or without wine, white with fish and red meat, pairings or harmonies, dry for the appetizer and sweet for dessert ... the gastronomic universe is full of indecisions. With the bread also raises questions, but so far it seems that what worried us were rations: that average if we take one or better, or perhaps tercia. However, we have learned that this "snap" is not much but is an important part in the food. Hence the question is also transferred to this item. Increasingly they bloom more stores though many seem fashion- boutiques dedicated to the world of cereal.

We wondered then if, being the major Spanish consumers of bread, but also should include it in our list of flavors to choose from. Keep in mind that this product is on the basis of the Mediterranean diet and is recommended to consume about 5 times a day, in portions of about 40 g each. It also provides B vitamins, minerals and fiber, being greater quantity in whole grain breads.

Within each palate well know yours, Javier point mark (Panic) and Moncho Lopez (sourdough). In principle, the kitchen is also guided by common sense. For example, if we take something with salsa always it is more advisable bread crumb, which soak, but things will change if a sandwich to take up, because there will also think of a bread with a hard crust, which support the weight of foods that go inside.


white bread crumb, perfect for snacks and sauces


It is also normal for a tasty bread is more advisable with foods that do not mask the taste as soft cheese or cured meats little. The same will happen on the contrary, if we have a very tasty meal, better opt for one white, seedless only contribution texture and light flavor.


Rye bread crumb has a more acidic.


Among the harmonies are clear white crusty breads or peaks for the Iberians, contrasting with its salinity; They go well with smoked rye, because its crumb is more acidic; corn and sweet foods such as jams, butters or quince jelly. The white bread, classical loaf is perfect for lamb or roasted meats and whole will be good couple of soups and stews strong, for its intense flavor. The peasant bread crumb with a very compact, very good to accompany rice and to prepare sandwiches with melted cheese.


White bread, classical loaf


We left for last the bread is commonly called black and are associated with Central European countries. To contain both flavor are ideal for fatty foods like salmon bread, smoked fish and salads with you acogolladas bitter vegetables like spinach, arugula and endive.


The black or German bread, we associate with Central Europe, is suitable for fatty foods


Source: Repsol Guide - Gastronomy

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