The Congress Palace of Vitoria-Gasteiz will host the Miniature Pintxos Congress from 6th to 8th March, a professional event in which the pintxos take on the leading role of some of the main names of the miniature kitchen , Both nationally and internationally.

Miniature Pintxos Congress, which started in 2014 in the Alava city of Murgia, is celebrated for the first time in Vitoria-Gasteiz. Among the professionals who will attend the event are the champions of pintxos Euskadi 2016 Gorka Souto (Guipúzcoa), Mitxel Sagredo (Álava) and Gorka Aginaga (Navarra), in addition to the runners-up Eneko Ordorika (Vizcaya) and Bixen Muñoz (Guipúzcoa ). These champions will be present on Monday, March 6.

On Tuesday there will be a representation of both cooks from other autonomous communities - Galicia, Canarias, Asturias - with the hand of German Blanco (La Tegala, Lanzarote), Sergio Orge (El Cafetín, Pontevedra) and Mariano Mier (El Quinto, Gijón) , Also awarded. In addition, he will participate in representing the international cuisine, the chef of New Delhi (India) Umesh Singh. And on Wednesday, March 8, a day will be held in harmony with Women's Day, with a cloister consisting mainly of teachers such as Josefina López Méndez (Mexico), Micaela di Cola (Italy) and María Claudia Zarama (Colombia), among others . On the same day, Patxi Eceiza (Zaldiaran, Vitoria-Gasteiz) will be able to count on a Michelin star.

Miniature Kids

About 400 congressmen and speakers are expected to attend the event, but a full program of activities will be held between March 3 and 12, aimed not only at the professional audience, but also at the general public, including the children's audience . In this regard, Miniature Kids will be held on Saturday, March 4, at the Palacio de Congresos Europa and will be attended by some of the girls / boys participating in MasterChef Junior, along with professional chefs. There will be 2 shifts for 200 girls aged 6 to 12 each shift, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, after registration at this address.

They are entertaining workshops to cook in a fun and creative way, learning recipes and concepts for a healthy and balanced diet. In addition to "getting into flour", children will be able to savor and share their creations, in a dynamic where they will not only have a good time, but will discover the delicious result of "salsear" in the kitchen.

Dinner of champions and route of pintxos

In addition, during the three days of the Congress will be held at the Hotel Restaurante Jardines de Uleta at 9.30 pm the Miniature Pintxos Congress Dinner or Champion's Dinner, open to the general public, where the keynote speakers of each day will elaborate a special menu conformed by The pintxos presented in the presentations. Miniature recognizes one of our chefs each year, an award that Enrique Fuentes (Toloño, Vitoria-Gasteiz), Diego Guerrero (DStage, Madrid) and Gonzalo Antón (Zaldiaran, Vitoria-Gasteiz) have received in previous editions.

Finally, on Tuesday, March 7, a pintxos route will be carried out by different hotels in the city, through a ticket exchange system (Pintxo tour card). From 3 to 12, the hotel establishments will make proposals of pintxos framed within the Miniature Pintxos Congress and will be a program of gastronomic experiences with pairs and workshops by the hand of the chefs.


TITLESBest chefs of pintxos meet in Vitoria

DESCRIPTION Vitoria will host the Miniature Pintxos Congress from 6th to 8th March, a meeting in which the pintxos take center stage in the hands of the main names of the miniature kitchen.

AUTOR: Diario de Gastronomía

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