Opinion de Maire > 25/05/2022

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Opinion de Tara > 23/05/2022

Everything was wonderful. Thank you!

Opinion de Paul > 16/05/2022

Am very happy with the last sending I received from you. Thanks very much for your service

Opinion de Paul > 26/04/2022

The 2 packages arrived yesterday morning in excellent condition. For the time being we enjoy again this extremely good Spanish marmalades and reminding us every day from our wonderful life in the South of Spain, from 1999 till 2014. Thanks very much again for your great service and your support.

Opinion de Celina > 15/04/2022

Second time ordering. Ordering big amount this time as my family was visiting from far. Again very happy with my order

Opinion de Celina > 15/04/2022

This was the first time ordering here and I was extremely satisfied with my order. Quick and easy to order, fast delivery and none of the items (mainly biscuits) broken. I definitely recommend

Opinion de Maria Pilar > 11/04/2022

Muchas gracias

Opinion de Lorena > 01/04/2022

I was very satisfied with your products, I buy them because I know them my mother-in-law is originally from Madrid and I had the opportunity to come and taste the products in Spain, at home we make typical dishes of your area including Cocido, chorizo with potatoes , the angula ... all delicious products. I will remake an order shortly I hope to get a discount coupon. thanks and greetings Lorena

Opinion de Zuzana > 21/03/2022

As usual everything was perfect from your side. You have my 5* rating on Google already for several months :-) Wish you all the best,

Opinion de Christian > 17/03/2022

Im happy, it was the second order and again you packaged everything so well that nothing broke while being transported. Thank you!

Opinion de Bogumil > 25/11/2021

Good quality of the products

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Thank you very much,I received it in perfect time and I am greatly enjoing it. Cordially

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As usual your delivery of my order was prompt and the contents was just as I had asked for. Muchas gracias.

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Thank you, I am completely satisfied with the purchasing process, dispatch of goods was prompt and delivery with GLS reliably punctual. I will certainly be visiting your website once in a while; I suppose that when a cooler season arrives purchase of more perishable items like cheese and jamón will also become possible.

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Everything was perfect, thanks.

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Hello . It was great . Super fast and perfectly packed . I forgot something but I will placeanew order soon . You make me feel at one even if I am so far. . gracias de todo corazón

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My orders from Your Spanish Shop have been perfectly satisfactory and I will continue to order when I need more.

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I used to eat these when I was a kid, I moved away and could not find them anywhere. Until I ordered from here, was not disappointed overall an excellent experience!

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Both the products and your service were excellent, I look forward to ordering more from you in the future.

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I am very pleased with the order and how everything went so well. I found your website when I did a search for Gallina Blanca 3 Quesos Spaghetti. Unfortunately, you do not have this product but you do have many other items which interested me so I placed the order. I will periodically search your website. Maybe I will be surprised to find the 3 Quesos there sometime. Hopefully we are able to travel to Spain in September.

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I'm very happy with the experience and would recommend shopping with you

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every thing came on time and the food is,as always,delicious