Foods rich in Vitamin B12

Foods rich in Vitamin B12

The beneficial effects of vitamin B12 are manifold. It is important to prevent and treat pernicious anemia, development and maturation of red blood cells, for the manufacture of myelin covering the nerves and is essential for utilization of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. It also protects precancerous damage in lung cells of smokers.

Enrich your diet with foods rich in this vitamin helps prevent various diseases and to promote the proper development of blood and nerve cells. These are the amounts of vitamin B12 seeking the following foods:

100 g. fortified cereals attempt from 1'6 to 6 micrograms.

100grs. tenderloin, 2'7 mcgs.

100grs. canned tuna, 2'5 mcgs.

100grs. roasted turkey breast, 1'7 mcgs.

100grs. fruit yoghurt 1 mcg.

100grs. skim milk, 0'9 mcgs.

100grs. skinless chicken, 0'3 mcgs.

100 grams of mozzarella cheese, 0'6 mcgs.

100grs. eggs, 0'6 mcgs.



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