Marinated salmon with vegetables

Marinated salmon with vegetables

-Four Loins with skin and flaked salmon, (I ask the fishmonger).
-A Leek cut into strips of half a centimeter wide by four or five long.
Carrot, cut along, just as leek.
-Thalassotherapy Celery strips, the same as the rest of the vegetables.
Three unpeeled garlic cloves and crushed.
Two bay leaves
-White wine
-Olive oil
'About black peppercorns.
Season the salmon.
Mix all the liquid in a pan, a glass of white wine, one of vinegar, half water and one half oil.
These amounts shall be adjusted so that the salmon is completely covered.
Put the loins with skin side down.
Before boiling add the remaining ingredients and boil for at least five minutes.
Remove from heat and let cool covered outside the refrigerator.
It can be eaten the next day, although it will be better in two or three days.
As a garnish can use the semi-raw vegetables or pickles; pickles, onions, capers ...
It retains several days in the refrigerator once it is cold
Recipe sent by Nuria Santander

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