Anchovy fritters

Anchovy fritters

We present a recipe provided by the "Brotherhood of the Anchovy of Cantabria", where, how could it be otherwise, the protagonist is the Anchovy Santoña.


For the filling.

150 g of salted anchovies

3 eggs

30 g butter

5 g of parsley


For pasta.

250g strong flour

2 dl warm water

1 dl of beer

3 units of egg whites

3 oil tablespoons

1 pinch of salt

Oil for frying



desalted anchovies and eggs are cooked. its buds are crushed along with the chopped parsley and butter.

anchovy fillets and dry them puts dough and roll up like a popieta. Reserve.

To prepare the dough for frying flour with warm water and beer is mixed, add a little salt and two tablespoons of oil. Let stand one hour.

At the time of using the paste we add the egg whites snow slowly without stirring, mixing only.

Once the pasta, we put the popietas one by one and fry them in the fryer.


SOURCE: Book The kitchen anchovy and Bocarte "A Walk in Santoña" courtesy of Luis Lopez Macho.

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