Typical Easter Desserts

Typical Easter Desserts

There are different sweets and typical desserts in these dates of Easter and Easter celebrations. Some are known throughout the national territory and others are produced only in certain localities or regions.

We list some of these sweets below.


Honey torrijas


Among the best known are the Torrijas, its elaboration is very simple and we can consult the recipe that we publish in our blog the following link




A delicious dessert that although it seems to have a difficult elaboration, does not have so much complication. They can be filled with cream, custard or cream of chocolate, according to the taste of each one.


Fried Doughnuts.

The roscos of Easter are typical of the Andalusian cuisine, habitual in the time of Lent. Also they are very habitual in other zones of the Spanish geography like Galicia, there are diverse variations of the recipe depending on each zone.

 We leave you a link of our blog of one of the varieties that we can make https://www.yourspanishshop.es/es/postres/receta-roscos-fritos-o-roscos-de-anis/n-106



Fried milk.

An exquisite dessert, very easy to prepare and liked by the whole family. We can consult the recipe that we publish in this blog in the following link https://www.yourspanishshop.es/es/postres/receta-leche-frita/n-118


Easter Mona.

This dessert is very typical in these dates in different Spanish regions, it is a recipe very similar to roscón de kings.



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