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Homemade anise cakes
17 Jan

Homemade anise cakes

Anise cakes or oil cakes are typical of Andalusia. The cakes are very popular and with variations in their recipe, according to the province in which they prepare.

Far from what many may think, the oil makes them soft and very delicious.


100 ml of warm water.
100 ml of sunflower oil.
½ instant baking yeast or 10 g pressed yeast.
350 g flour.
Aniseed in grain.
Sesame seeds
Salt (a pinch)
200 g of sugar.


Step 1. In a bowl add the oil in the warm water and stir.
Step 2. Incorporate the yeast and stir until it dissolves well and the mixture in which you work changes color.
Step 3. Place the flour and stir well to be well incorporated with the yeast. Try to keep it moist, but not too much.
Step 4. Include the spices and salt and finish kneading with your hands so that everything is well mixed. The dough has to be of a smooth and consistent texture.
Step 5. Stretch the dough to be thin and cut large circles to shape the cakes. Use a plate to keep the circular shape of your cakes
Step 6. Roll each well with sugar, on both sides.
Step 7.Prepare the cakes on a baking sheet with parchment paper and bake for 10 or 15 minutes at about 180 ° C or until you notice that they are golden brown.
Step 8. Remove them from the oven.


If they come out a little soft, you should let them cool on a grid to harden them. Ideally, the cakes should be well roasted and crispy.

So that they do not soften it is convenient to store the oil cakes in an airtight jar. So we can keep them fresh and ready to consume at any time.


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