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Shipping to the United Kingdom at Christmas from Your Spanish Shop
23 Oct

Shipping to the United Kingdom at Christmas from Your Spanish Shop

If you want to buy Spanish products for the United Kingdom at Christmas, at Your Spanish Shop we offer you a wide selection of products and shipping management.



At Your Spanish Shop we not only offer you the best selection of Christmas products, we also take care of facilitating your shipments to the United Kingdom. If this Christmas you want to send your family the best nougats, Polvorones or typical Christmas sweets, at Your Spanish Shop we will take care of managing the complete shipment.

Managing a shipment to the United Kingdom at Christmas


Because all transactions with the United Kingdom are classified as imports since Brexit, the corresponding customs fees must be paid.

To avoid inconveniences when receiving the product, we have set a purchase restriction of 130 pounds, which is equivalent to approximately 150 euros (tax included), and a weight limit of 25 kilograms. Thanks to this restriction, clients will not have to face additional payments for tariffs, since we will be in charge of managing the payment of these taxes to the United Kingdom Revenue Agency.

If customers wish to purchase products for a higher value, they have the option to place multiple orders, thus avoiding paying high fees.

Restrictions on shipping to the United Kingdom


When shipping food products from Spain to the UK it is crucial to take into account any specific restrictions and regulations that may apply. This is because the UK has set strict standards to ensure the safety and quality of imported food.

Generally speaking, some products may require special licenses or be subject to additional controls at the border. Some fresh foods, meat products, dairy products and other perishable items may be subject to restrictions or even bans. In addition, foods must meet UK labeling and quality standards, which means they must include clear and accurate information on ingredients, allergens, expiry dates, among other aspects.

Regarding typical Christmas products, it is very rare for these to be detained or evaluated at customs. These are mostly sweet products that do not contain ingredients that authorities consider unsafe.

Furthermore, at Your Spanish Shop we analyze the labeling of each of our products, so that the information complies with United Kingdom standards.

Christmas products in our catalog


In our store specialized in Spanish food products, we have a wide variety of typical products of the Christmas season. The following are some of the most outstanding products that you can find in our online store during these holidays:

Nougats: We have an exquisite selection of nougats, available in various varieties. From the classic Alicante nougat, crunchy and full of whole almonds, to the soft and creamy Jijona nougat. There is no shortage of options for chocolate lovers, with nougats that combine almonds and the best quality chocolate.

Polvorones and mantecados: This traditional product made from butter is a must-have on any Christmas table. We have almond powders, mantecados of different flavors and varieties covered in icing sugar.

Marzipan: You will also find figures and pieces of marzipan, handcrafted with almonds and sugar, perfect to share with the family.

Sausages and cheeses: Iberian hams, chorizos, salchichons and a wide variety of Spanish cheeses cannot be missing from our store, perfect for preparing Spanish sausage boards.

Preserves and gourmet products: We also have a wide range of preserved products, such as asparagus, piquillo peppers and artichokes, as well as gourmet products to give a special touch to your Christmas dishes.

At Your Spanish Shop we are waiting for you in our online store, to help you choose the best of Spanish gastronomy for this Christmas. In addition, we are in charge of preparing and managing each of your orders to the United Kingdom, so that they arrive in full and on time. agreed.

The times of a food shipment to the United Kingdom from Your Spanish Shop


When ordering products from Spain to ship to the UK, it is important to take into account the shipping times and customs processes involved. From the moment the order is placed until it reaches its final destination, the process is divided into several stages.

First of all, customs processing. Once products are shipped, they need to clear customs for review and approval. This process can take one to two days, depending on various factors, including the efficiency of the customs service and the number of orders in process.

Subsequently, the transit of the package to the final destination in the United Kingdom begins. This trip can last approximately 4 to 5 days. Factors such as distance, chosen transportation method, and weather conditions may influence this shipping time.

It is vital to consider these times and be patient, since customs procedures are necessary to ensure that products arrive legally in the country and meet all health and safety requirements.

At Your Spanish Shop we are committed to doing everything possible to streamline these processes and ensure that your products reach you and your family and friends in the shortest time possible and in perfect condition.

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