The best chorizo in the world is from León

The best chorizo in the world is from León

Guide to buy the best chorizo ​​in the world, which is from León

The best chorizo ​​in the world is made in León. The prize went to a type of extra sausage made by the company Palcarsa S.L., within the guarantee seal "Chorizo ​​de León". He has won the sixth edition of the contest "The Best Chorizo ​​in the World", in whose jury was the gastronomic journalist Javier Pérez Andrés.

To enjoy this delicacy, anyone has different physical and online options to do so.

In large areas such as Alcampo or Eroski, different presentation options can be found, whether whole, sliced ​​or for different dishes, such as fried cocido or bocadillo.

It is also sold in physical stores such as E-Leclerc (both Super and Hiper) and Super Family or other areas such as Consum, Carrefour Express, Family, Ahorramás, Bon Preu, La Despensa, Fragadis, Hyperusera, Hiperdino, Sorli discau and Makro

If on the contrary, you are a user of new technologies and you opt for the online service, here are the sites where you can do it.

Deliberry, Amazon, Your pantry or Palcarsa's own website are some of the portals where you can find this food. If you live abroad and you can not get a copy where you reside .... the webs   allow shipments to taste where you live.

According to data from the Consortium of Chorizo, chorizo ​​de León has a huge acceptance and high demand outside our borders. Data for 2017 points to a creation of more than 1.7 million runs in that year.

By Gabriel Pérez Digital de León

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