Tips for preserving food

Tips for preserving food

There are certain foods which is unusual freeze to extend its expiration date, to extend their life and not waste any of them, we provide you some little tricks that can help to keep them longer, both inside and outside the refrigerator.





If we want to avoid bananas quickly blacken, we can use a trick to preserve them is to wrap them in newspaper and place them in the bottom of the fridge (drawers), so avoid that black specks appear and tender as quickly.




Apples tend to take a lot of time intact, even at room temperature, but if you still want to keep them longer in perfect condition can do as follows. With a cotton cloth, we impregnate it with olive oil and had all the way around the block, leaving a thin layer of oil all over it, thus it will remain in perfect condition for longer.




When we put tomatoes in the refrigerator they tend to lose some of its flavor, if we want to remain intact have to keep out of it, but its durability is shortened. To prevent damage we suggest that situéis out of the fridge in upside down position, so that is not exposed part of the tomato where it starts matte (its durability will be about 7 days approx.), But if we want keep a little more can place a strip of cellophane in the same part of the tomato and lengthen more conservation without loss of flavor.




Although storing in the refrigerator, usually the outer leaves of lettuce tend to get black rapidly affected by moisture, to prevent it can cut the lettuce and place it in a bag, we will retain its freshness. It is very important that this bag is properly closed and thus perfectly preserved for much longer.




The cheeses are better preserved preferably out of the refrigerator and contact sunlight, but still the same humidity can help become moldy cheese, so this trick may help to prevent this from happening. It is as simple as entering in the cheese, either glass or plastic, a small container of salt, which absorbs moisture peel off the cheese and prevent mold from forming.



Grated cheese

Normally when we open a bag of shredded cheese or use a cheese that we painted ourselves and left over, if we have not closed properly when we turn to catch him and have mold and should be thrown. We can avoid using a cloth moistened with salt water, then put the remaining cheese, wrap and store in the fridge so that we avoid moldy.




 When we have some bar sausage (chorizo, lomo, etc.) and cut out the part that does not have skin hardens immediately, to avoid it we can use a piece of aluminum foil and take a bit of salt, the open part Inlay we place it on salt and wrap around the part the foil, so avoid it gets hard the whole area.


Estrus expect any tricks you find them useful and encourage you that if you have someone else that is interesting, I share with us.

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