Cooking Methods, Tips and Tricks

Cooking Methods, Tips and Tricks

The cooking of food is key to like the taste and even feel better or worse. Although only importance is given to cooking, each method requires a number of tricks that are equivalent to a lower contribution from energy and nutrient loss.

The cooking of food is taken as insignificant, unimportant and simply easy and obvious. However, it is one of the keys to getting the food taste rich and, most importantly, keep all its nutritional characteristics.

Because, although in a few cases not taken into account, a bad cook can mean decreased digestividad of food products as well as the disappearance of their vitamins and other nutrients and the appearance of harmful health substances. To avoid this there is nothing better than using a food cooker. So food is cooked quickly ensuring optimal cooking time.

Frying a steak and cook the pasta is more than a trivial process that can improvise. It is also essential to note that every food needs a particular method, with a particular process to achieve a certain result.

The simplest and oldest form at the same time to prepare a meal is boiled. In addition to the simplicity and speed, this system has many other advantages. This is one of the methods require less fat, so well prepared dishes just provide energy.

This makes it suitable for almost all foods and all family members. In addition, the resulting water boil fish, meat or vegetables can be exploited for making soups and purees, you'll notice an incredible increase of flavor.

The main disadvantage of this method is that it involves large losses of nutrients, especially water-soluble vitamins and minerals, caused by the action of heat. This loss is inevitable, although controllable. That is, you can get less severe if the cooking time is reduced to the strictly necessary.

The problem of the disappearance of nutrients is much lower in fried. This is one of the tastiest ways to prepare meats. And faster. Usually just a few minutes.

Its main drawback is that it provides a huge amount of calories. Moreover, they are little digestive and may have the problem of fat burned. To reduce these possibilities, you should use the minimum amount of oil needed for each product. If it errs on oily foods are achieved. One of the latest market developments is the new fryer without oil.

When less fat required is used, they stick to the pan. Do not put products in the oil until it is very hot, to get form the crust that characterizes this production method. The most suitable for frying is olive oil. Do not use animal fats, butter or margarine.

One of the techniques used in recent times, and which is used in many systems, it is preparing grilled. Meat, fish and vegetables can be cooked in this manner, with its attendant benefits.

The only drawback of the plate is that, sometimes, the food burns, leading to the appearance of toxic substances. To avoid this, do not add oil until you have finished grilling meats; and try to place them on the container when it is very hot and those are of small thickness because, otherwise, they will be over-cooked on the outside and raw on the inside too.

If still you burn, remove the blackened area. For the meat is juicier, do not add salt halfway through cooking. In the case of fish, it is a good idea to pour salt on the surface of the plate and coat the pieces with a little oil.

One of the most classic methods these days is left for the big occasion, especially if it is large pieces of meat and fish. It does not provide large amounts of energy and recipes usually come out very tasty. Its biggest drawback is the time spent for processing.



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