Assorted Diet Nature cookies without sugars Gullón 319 gr.

General description

Assorted Diet Nature cookies without added sugars Gullón

The Diet Nature Assortment is a selection of various sugar-free cookies to share with your loved ones and try several different cookies.

Technical description

The kilo goes to € 15.10

P.N. 319 gr .

Hermetically sealed cardboard container


WHEAT flour, sweeteners (maltitol and isomalt), dark chocolate without sugars (cocoa paste, sweetener (maltitol), cocoa butter, anhydrous MILK fat (MILK), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin)), vegetable oil (high sunflower oleic), vegetable fats (palm and palm kernel), whole wheat flour, WHEAT starch, polydextrose, oligofructose, AVENA flakes, cocoa powder, WHEAT bran, Concentrated BUTTER (MILK), Skimmed YOGUR powder, gasifiers (carbonate) sodium acid, ammonium acid carbonate and disodium diphosphate), puffed rice (rice flour, WHEAT flour, salt), corn starch, skimmed MILK powder, salt, emulsifier (SOYA lecithin), MILK proteins, natural aromas, CEBADA wholemeal flour, CENTENO wholemeal flour, aromas, flavor enhancer (lactic acid), antioxidant (citric acid), coloring (beta-carotene). May contain traces of DRIED FRUITS.

Prepared by Gullón Cookies. Aguilar de Campoo - Palencia (Spain)

Nutritional information
per 100g
Energy value 1809 kJ / 434 kcal
Fat 21 g
of which saturated 8.3 g
Monounsaturated 11 g
Polyunsaturated 1.7 g
Carbohydrates 64 g
of which sugars 1.9 g
Fiber 6.7 g
Proteins 5.6 g
Salt 0.55 g 

6,28€ (19.09€/Kg.)
Minimum quantity: 1

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