Meat Stuffed Potatoes

Meat Stuffed Potatoes

These potatoes stuffed with meat, in some places are known as "bombs" as the very spicy stuffed with meat. They are very easy to prepare and you can make in advance and then just fry them, I will not advise the congeléis since then the texture of the potato does not look good.

This time the smallest of the house you can help shape the balls, because it is very important that we can collaborate in the preparation of meals, because in addition to having a good time is a way to reach more eagerly to the table, because they are willing to try what they have done.

With a little homemade mayonnaise, ketchup or barbecue sauce certainly they eat them happy and if accompany of some vegetables roasted and have a full dinner.



5 Potatoes

400 gr. ground beef, half pork and half veal.

2 cloves garlic


1 tablespoon tomato paste



1 egg

Bread crumbs

Extra virgin olive oil

* With this amount filled out about 14 feet.


We wash some potatoes and put them to cook with your skin and a pinch of salt about 20 or 30 minutes, although this will depend on the type and size of the potatoes, we know we are when we click and the center is soft. We took them, drain them and hopefully cool slightly so as not to burn. We peel them and put in a bowl with a fork the crush. Reserve.

In mortar crush the garlic cloves with a pinch of salt and parsley and add it to the meat, mixing everything well. In a pan put a little olive oil and cook in the end we add the tomato and oregano if you like a bit of ground black pepper.


We get a little potato and form a ball the size you like, you can make the tiny snack or larger. The flatten well, put in the middle a little meat and close the potato, meat should stay in the center and surrounded by potatoes.

When we have formed potato balls, we beat an egg and put bread crumbs on a plate. We first potato balls egg and then the breadcrumbs. When all the balls are made, we fry them in plenty of extra virgin olive oil or extra-virgin hot. When we put them out on paper towels to remove excess oil and serve calentitas. What are you going to dinner tonight?





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